Salutations, stranger. If you have stumbled across this page, then you're likely pretty curious as to who I am. Fear not, for here is the low-down on the mysterious webmaster who haunts this land…

The name is: Sumi, don't wear it out B-)

Languages I speak: English and Japanese, natively.

Music I like lately:

My hobbies: Drawing/painting/clay sculpting, playing videogames (especially RPGs), reading, cookery, playing banjo and dulcimer, listening to tunes, studying entomology, needlework/mending clothes, coding this site, and websurfing :-)

Favourite TV shows: Cosmos By Carl Sagan, Over The Garden Wall, Breaking Bad, Everybody Loves Raymond, Antiques Roadshow, Seinfeld, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Blue Planet, QI, Fawlty Towers, Have I Got News For You, and Classic Doctor Who.

Favourite movies: Withnail & I, Om Shanti Om, The Deer Hunter, My Neighbor Totoro, Titanic, Lawrence of Arabia, Terminator 2, The Hitcher, Evil Dead trilogy, KKHH, the Alien series...

My favourite beverages: Water, mango juice, hot chocolate, a very specific blend of night-time tea, pomegranate juice, and cold mugi-cha.

My favourite foods: Pomegranates, kara-age chicken, grilled steak and other red meats, renkon (lotus root), mitarashi-dango, miso soup with daikon, umeboshi and anything umeboshi flavoured, soups, Neapolitan pizza, udon, salmon sushi...there's all kinds of foods I like, especially historical recipes. I used to bake my own hardtack a lot, but it does hurt the teeth sometimes :-P

The best videogames, of course: Earthbound, all of the Zelda games INCLUDING the shitty Philips CDi spinoffs, Deltarune, Splatoon series, OSRS, The Last of Us, Professor Layton original trilogy, Minecraft, Mother 1, Stardew Valley and Pokemon HG/SS.

Why I'm making a Website: I've always wanted to know how to code stuff, but for the longest time, I never got around to it. It always seemed like something I just wouldn't be able to do, since I've never exactly been the best with a lot of technology. Basic computer sciences were taught to us back in highschool, but frankly, I never did pay much attention, since it was all so dull. I don't really use any social websites besides Tumblr and various instant messaging services, so my communications with people through the Net are not the broadest (nor do I really care, I like it how it is!). But around September of 2022, I said "screw it" and dove headfirst into the world of web-building, Neocities, and all the craziness of HTML. It's taken quite a bit of time to get this website to how it looks now, and even still, this is a pretty simple website in terms of its layout, but I'm really proud of what I've got going on.

Another reason why I've decided to make this website is really, just to have my own space on the web where I can do whatever I want, with nobody telling me what to do and how to do it. With just a little code and a few braincells, I can make this website look just how I want it to. So much of the current Internet centers around businesses and selling useless garbage, and so many websites just look like the same old thing, one after the other (no thanks to those dull website templates like Wix and Adobe Portfolio). Although websites like Tumblr and the revived MySpace clone 'SpaceHey' still kinda support user customisation through CSS, these only make up a tiny, tiny portion of creative spaces in comparison to all the ugly minimalist sites that have taken the digital world by storm. It also gives me bragging rights to say I know how to code like a real tech whiz, ya know?

But for now...

I've told you enough. It won't do to have me blathering away all the while you're trying to find your way around this realm...take it easy.

Sumi's Site...From 2022 - The end of the world